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Each gaze has a unique story to tell. SILÒ's eye collection is designed to awaken and illuminate the periocular area, combating the signs of time and fatigue. Each product is a tribute to the uniqueness and depth of your gaze.
  • Supreme Eye Serum


    The Supreme Eye Serum is a concentrated jewel designed to awaken, revitalize, and protect this delicate area. Rich in pure and natural ingredients, its formula unveils a beauty secret: renewing the brightness of your gaze, defining every nuance with care and dedication. The eyes reveal our true essence; let the Eye Contour Serum help you best express it.


    Eye Opening and Density: Acetyl hexapeptide-8 lifts and densifies the eyelids

    Microcirculatory Vitality: Caffeine and Ruscus Extract for a revitalized eye contour

    Multifactorial Antioxidant Defense: Green tea, pomegranate, and Maritime Pine complex protect and improve tone and firmness

    Deep Hydration and Firming: Hyaluronic Acid offers volume and elasticity to the eye contour

    Against Wrinkles and Stretch Marks: Quinoa Extract diminishes signs of aging and expression


    Contenuto: 15ml

  • Supreme Eye Cream


    Step into a world where every detail is in harmony with nature, a place where your gaze can express its authentic beauty. The Eye Contour Cream is a daily treat made to shine with its own light. Born from a fusion of botanical extracts and scientific innovations, this cream promises a smooth, radiant, and revitalized eye contour.


    Natural Tone and Soothing: Hamamelis water for a refreshed and soothed eye contour

    Perfect Eye Contour: Phytosome of Escin and Caffeine activate the microcirculation, reducing bags and dark circles

    Ideal Reflection: Soft focus complex for a smoothed and uniform effect

    Deep Defense Against Time: Proanthocyanidins from Grape Extracts protect against aging

    Revigorating and Toning: Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate with green tea and pomegranate improve tonicity and firmness


    Contenuto: 15ml

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