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Wrap yourself in the exclusive alchemy of SILÒ where the body encounters an unparalleled experience of care and refinement. Our formulations, enriched with the revolutionary Hyalurenol-Ai, caress the skin, endowing it with a rejuvenated, elastic, and radiant silhouette.
  • Body Shower Scrub


    Discover a rejuvenating experience with our Body Shower-Scrub. The sophisticated alchemy between Damask rose water and avocado oil leaves the skin soft and velvety, while the gentle microgranules of bamboo purify, revealing its natural brightness. A beauty gesture that transforms every shower into a moment of pure transformation.


    Deep Soothing: Damask rose water to prevent irritations

    Hydration and Comfort: A perfect fusion between avocado oil and polysaccharides

    Gentle Exfoliation: Bamboo microgranules for delicate renewal

    Stimulates and Revigorates: Promotes better oxygenation of tissues

    Natural Detox: Helps to drain and free the skin from toxins


    Contenuto: 200ml

  • Draining Body Cream


    Rediscover the pleasure of toned skin wrapped in a sensation of lightness with the Draining Body Cream. A dance of natural and innovative ingredients that work in synergy to offer a deep and visible draining effect. A delicate touch that reflects the science of body care, giving your skin renewed freshness and harmony. Pamper every inch of your skin and allow your true essence to shine.


    Lipolytic Breath: Pink Pepper acts precisely on adipose deposits, favoring their transformation and removal

    Revitalized Circulation: Caffeine and Arnica Extract awaken the skin, stimulating effective drainage

    Vasotonic Harmony: Phytosome of Escin combined with Pineapple and Centella Extracts rebalances the microcirculation, promoting deep detoxification

    Tonic Elasticity: Hyaluronic Acid wraps the skin, conferring tonicity and fresh vitality

    Antioxidant Guardian: Maritime Pine and Rosemary Extracts defend the skin, offering protection and youthfulness.


    Contenuto: 200ml

  • Anti-Age Body Cream


    The secret to eternally young and radiant skin lies in this symphony of carefully selected ingredients with the Anti-Age Body Cream. Let yourself be carried away by its enveloping and deeply nourishing texture that actively works against the signs of aging. Each application becomes a journey into the heart of nature, where science and botany meet to offer you an unprecedented anti-aging experience and a visibly more toned and regenerated body.


    Natural Firming: Chlorella Algae rich in peptides and amino acids acts deeply, stimulating the production of elastin and collagen.

    Light and Youth: Bio-Retinol reduces imperfections and wrinkles, giving a luminous and rejuvenated appearance

    Antioxidant Shield: Maritime Pine Extract combats free radicals, guardians against skin aging.

    Elasticity and Tonacity: Hyaluronic Acid and Marine Collagen wrap the skin, conferring vitality and a soft touch.

    Balance and Protection: Niacinamide fortifies the skin barrier, rebalancing and soothing the skin.


    Contenuto: 200ml

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